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Vision. Mission. Management.


Mitarbeitende der Gigahertz GmbH sitzen auf der Terrasse des Unternehmens.

Our vision is a fully and securely connected world in which networks as a central business infrastructure enable companies to concentrate on their core business without compromise.


Ein IT-Ingenieur arbeitet an einer KVM-Konsole in einem Rack-Schrank.

Our mission is the design, implementation, and operation of scalable, high-performance, and secure network systems and network-related services for companies.

Our highly qualified team ensures that data can be exchanged at any time, on demand, securely, and that our customers’ corporate assets remain protected in digital business operations.

Corporate Values

Symbol eines Doktorhuts als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Kompetenz.


When it comes to competence, we make no compromises. We are not all-rounders. We are specialized experts and are among the best. Every day we get even better!
Symbol eines kleinen Weckers als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Zuverlässigkeit.


We do what we say. And we say what we do. Our customers can count on us at all times. We offer medium-sized, entrepreneurial Reliability instead of an anonymous large corporation.
Symbol eines Schutzschilds mit einem kleinen Haken drin als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Vertrauenswürdigkeit.


As an owner-operated company, we are authentic, transparent and on a level playing field. We think in partnership and long-term. Quarterly thinking is not really our thing, for us, a handshake counts!
Symbol einer kleinen Gruppe Menschen als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Gemeinschaft.


Tolerance and loyalty are an indispensable matter for us. Everyone can fully contribute their strengths and individuality. We are the combined power of our individual uniqueness.
Symbol eines Pfeils auf einer Dart-Scheibe als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Kundenorientierung.

Customer orientation

Our customers are at the heart and center of everything we do. They are the ones we get up for in the morning. And they are the ones who define a job well done.
Symbol eines kleinen Stifts der auf Papier schreibt als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Mitgestaltung.


As a team, we always act in a spirit of trust and at eye level. Our employees are actively involved in strategies and decisions, bring their view of things and their respective experiences.
Symbol einer Glühbirne als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Innovation.


We want to protect the assets of our customers in the best possible way. Our specialization allows us to put innovations into practice quickly and efficiently so that our customers can benefit from them.
Symbol eines Handschlags als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Wertschätzung.


We give each and every one of us a lot of creative freedom and attach great importance to creating an optimal working environment. This is how we show our employees that we value them.
Symbol zwei drehender Kreispfeile als bildliche Darstellung unseres Unternehmenswerts Flexibilität.


The best path between A and B is not always a straight line. We go every way for our customers: pragmatically and flexibly. Here, too, we fully exploit our strengths as an owner-operated company.

Quality Policy

In order to maintain and strengthen our success factors, our reputation and the economic success of Gigahertz GmbH, the management defines the quality policy as part of the quality management system. The focus remains on the success of our customers and our employees. Our customers regard us as a “trusted advisor” whose proven expertise and flexibility ensure a high level of satisfaction in project implementation.

Our employees are a key factor in our success, and we develop their expertise through continuous, further training. We consider the satisfaction of our employees to be a guarantee of success, which we further promote through opportunities for co-determination, a high degree of autonomy and personal responsibility in projects and thus acting on an equal footing with the company management.

Good relationships with the manufacturers of the technical components we use are essential for the successful implementation of customer projects. Our high level of expertise, our loyalty to the manufacturers we select and the reliability of our collaboration have enabled us to build a reputation based on a highly cooperative partnership for the benefit of both parties.


My name is Frank Eckenfels, born in Karlsruhe and raised in the beautiful surroundings of the Baden metropolis.

I founded Gigahertz at the age of 16 and am still the sole owner and managing director.

In 2008, I completed my “International Management” studies with a Bachelor of Business Administration at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

I am an entrepreneur with heart and soul, maximum customer benefit and services at the highest technical level are the focus of my actions. 

As an employer, it is important to me to offer my employees an attractive, contemporary and meaningful workplace with optimal development opportunities. 

I see myself as a “servant leader” who is mainly there to clear the way for his team and to offer the optimal conditions to be able to deliver top performance for our customers as a team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For us, sustainable business operations are an important part of our corporate DNA.

Two state-of-the-art brine heat pumps supply our building with the necessary heat and cold, fed from 15 probe boreholes, each with a drilling depth of 47 meters.

2022  The first all-electric company vehicles were added to the fleet.

2023  Expansion of the vehicle fleet to exclusively electric or hybrid vehicles.

2023  Compensation of all CO2 emissions generated during business trips.

We cover our company’s entire electricity needs exclusively with certified green electricity from renewable energies. With two of our own photovoltaic systems on our roofs, we produce up to 34 kWp of electrical power ourselves, and a 60kWh battery system ensures that we can use almost 100% of the electricity generated ourselves.

Außenansicht des Firmengebäudes der Gigahertz GmbH.
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